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Letitia is an absolute gem and has provided much support to me and my business over the years. I found navigating all the potential online marketing platforms and pulling together a consistent look/feel and schedule rather overwhelming. Letitia helped by setting up a plan template which we talked through regularly and then she implemented it for me. Letitia takes time to understand your business and so contributes great ideas and suggestions for content, and also ways to display that content through different graphics and formats. When I launched my podcast Letitia organized the marketing plan and also set up a project management tool to ensure all parties knew what to do when. She has great knowledge of the marketing and work organization platforms, but also knows how to use them practically, to get results. Letitia is proactive and unflappable which are awesome qualities in business, and I highly recommend her to other business owners who need help organizing and streamlining their marketing.

Rebecca Livesey Achieve-Lead-Succeed

Some frustrations I experienced prior to working with Letitia was, not knowing what technology to use that was simple and easy and not knowing how to apply the maximum effect of the technology (such as web designing and features to make the website lively). Also not being fully aware of the steps involved to get a fully functional, responsive website.

Letitia is spot on with filling those gaps and recommending suitable solutions that included the consideration of the budget. Sometimes providing us with a simpler or more extensive solution and hence giving us the opportunity to choose to what was most suitable at the time.

It’s great to know that Letitia is able to help with many questions and it gives me the confidence to ask her for advice knowing that I will be able to make an informed decision based on her assessment or her answering my questions.

Brigitte Linder

Finding anyone that can help with affordable marketing is a challenge, so I was excited when I found a Virtual Assistant (VA) called Letitia, who was recommended on Facebook. I had no idea what a VA actually did so I made an appointment to meet. Straight away I could tell Letitia’s passion was to help small businesses to grow and take the pressure off overwhelmed business owners, so they could focus on other aspects of their business.

After the meeting, I engaged Letitia to help with the marketing of Interior Plantscape Association (IPA) and since 2015 she has provided exceptional marketing support.

Over this time her business has evolved and in her own words she is ‘a self-confessed marketing #nerd!’ Having Letitia part our team, who is approachable professional and knowledgeable, has been an incredible asset to our non-profit association. She handles the setting up and implementing email marketing campaigns, analytics reporting, updating web pages and always replies to any emails promptly.

Marketing can be a stressful journey so you need a reliable, passionate team player who can help with simple and effective marketing systems. Letitia offers so much more and is always an absolute pleasure to work with!

Letitia has provided amazing marketing support over several years. Without Letitia’s support I would have felt overwhelmed by the volume of things that needed to be done to set up a seamless automated system and would have ended up wasting my time on details that needed to be done but didn't have to be done by me.

Letitia is proactive, resourceful and thinks things through to find workable and timely solutions. This has meant that I’ve been able to give her problems that I’m unsure how to resolve or don’t have capacity to do and she is able to take care of them. This has freed up my time and headspace to be able to focus on other aspects of the business. She has repeatedly demonstrated a solid understanding of marketing concepts. This has meant she has been able to setup and implement email marketing campaigns, social media post creation and scheduling, creation of branding graphics, analytics reporting, web pages (blog content and page creation) and integration of all the different activities so they work seamlessly together. This is a huge advantage given the increasing complexity of marketing and the variety of tools available.

Jill Brennan Harbren Marketing

I was very pleased in working with Letitia as she delivered the results I was after in a timely and professional manner. She achieved everything I asked for and I'm very happy with the outcome. I'd highly recommend Letitia.

Jacquie Tewes

Working with Letitia has seen us go from a 'scatter gun' approach to marketing which left us feeling hopeful at best, to now having consistent strategies that find and engage customers. If you want someone who knows what marketing tools to use and how to use them so more customers come your way...and stay...we couldn't recommend Letitia more highly.

Steve Schreck Just For Schools

Letitia shifts your small business marketing strategy from messy and hopeful towards focused, measured and effective. She calmly works with you to determine what you need, set objectives and build out multi-platform strategies. Letitia oversees our newsletters, social media, website, landing and sales page and more with an eye for detail, all is delivered on time. I trust Letitia completely, she is an incredible virtual team member and incredibly knowledgeable, systematic and organised. Her work delivers consistent results and enables me to progress other aspects of the business knowing that she is managing our marketing optimally.

Cathy Love Nacre Consulting

Since engaging Letitia to look after my social media, my number of followers has certainly increased (42% and still growing). All of the posts are informative and professional and are accompanied by beautiful quality photo’s. It was one of the best decisions I have made.

I was floundering trying to get my CRM, emails, and calendly working individually, let alone as a harmonious band. So I asked Letitia to do it for me. I handed her the keys, and she drove it. Why get my brain in a knot when Letitia's skill and expertise can get it happening fluidly in very little time, leaving me free to do the things I'm good at. I now have an efficient tool that brings magic to my business. As a bonus, she is a pleasure to work with. She tells me what she needs. I give it to her. I get the result. Simple.

Andrew McLaren Understanding Families

Letitia has helped my business grow. In the sixteen months we’ve worked together she has created solid workflows for every aspect of my marketing, making it far easier for me to be consistent and coherent in my marketing. While she is systematic there is nothing ‘cookie cutter’ in Letitia’s approach. Campaigns, messaging, content and social media posts are all created based on an appreciation for my business, target market and me as an entrepreneur. Letitia has a very versatile skillset, and is fluent with a wide range of tools. Her visual designs are always fresh - I’m constantly delighted with the wide range of graphics she creates with the same basic palette. The mix of strategic thinking, creativity, technical skills, pragmatism and efficiency that Letitia has is rare - and very valuable to my business. She’s also a lovely person and a delight to work with.

Michelle Ockers

If you're not an expert in social media, online marketing and customer research (and don't want to be) then you need Letitia. Letitia is not only a 'let's get this done' person she is incredibly organised, brings new ideas to our meetings and knows the importance of getting to know the needs of my business, myself, my team and our customers. If you want someone with marketing skills and knowledge who is reliable, honest and enjoys a challenge, then stop looking - you've found her