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5 powerful email list building tips (that really work!)

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of email marketing. In fact, I’ve written a whole post on the power of email marketing for small business owners where I shared ALL the reasons I love it so

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Marketing funnels made easy: 3 steps to success

Have you heard the term “marketing funnel” before?Maybe you associate it with those complicated marketing strategies with sophisticated automation and tons of marketing tools?But, funnels don’t need

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The 3 marketing basics every small business owner should understand

In this post, you’ll learn the marketing basics you should understand BEFORE outsourcing any marketing tasks. I’m a HUGE fan of outsourcing for small business owners. It’s the perfect way to

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Marketing Brand

Why your business brand is a key piece of your marketing puzzle

Let me guess — when I mention your business brand, you immediately think about your logo?The thing is, your brand is FAR more than just your logo. According to Business Queensland:“Branding is a way

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Are you marketing the right solutions for your clients’ problems?

One mistake I see a lot of small business owners make is to develop their marketing messages without researching the solutions their ideal clients are actually seeking. Let me explain...Many of us

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unique selling proposition

How to write a killer unique selling proposition to make you stand out from the crowd

Have you ever felt like your business is just part of a mob, all of you frantically trying to grab the attention of the same clients?The fact is, ALL businesses face competition.That’s not a bad thing;

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Marketing Tips

Steal These Marketing Tips To Achieve Marketing Success

Picture it with me - you’re feeling so overwhelmed by all the marketing tips and options out there. You don’t know where to even begin with focusing your energy and time. Flying blind as they say!

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