Your marketing success is my passion

My Services

As a marketing specialist, I can assist you with all aspects of marketing strategy and implementation. Here are just a few areas where I can help...

Turn email into your secret weapon

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘the money is in the list’, right? Together we can supercharge your list building efforts with email marketing strategies and automation.

Generate qualified leads with ease

Let me help you harness the power of lead generation tools and strategies, such as lead magnets, to ensure you’re attracting only the most valuable prospects for your business. 

Make social media work for you

When you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no-one. I can help you build a social media strategy that works for your business, as well as managing the ongoing content and implementation.

Master your website

Your website is one of your primary marketing tools, so it’s worth ensuring it’s working hard to attract and nurture your audience. I can help with landing pages, opt-in forms and blogs, as well as website updates, plugins and tools.

How it works...


The Initial Meeting

We jump on a Zoom video call so I can learn all about your business, target market and what your marketing objectives and expectations are.

I’ll ask a lot of questions to ensure I understand your marketing ‘toolkit’ - the platforms, systems and strategies that you’re already employing in your business.

I’ll also be keen to understand what your biggest marketing frustrations and objections are. 


Marketing Toolkit Review

You provide me with access to your marketing toolkit so I can view your existing marketing activities and offerings (such as lead magnets) and assess what’s working and what may require more work.


Report And Proposal

I provide a report on my findings, as well as a proposal on what actions I recommend to move your marketing strategy forward - e.g. create more lead magnets, develop a social media plan, set up nurturing email automation etc…


Future Focus

We discuss the proposal and agree on areas to move forward with. Together we’ll agree on timings and identify further information required.


Marketing, simplified.

I get busy implementing our amazing marketing vision!

Let’s empower YOU and help your business thrive with simple and effective marketing systems!

Still got questions? Unsure whether my services would work for your business?

Let’s chat! Feel free to book a complimentary 30-minute call in my diary so we can plan your future marketing success...


Letitia has provided amazing marketing support over several years. Without Letitia’s support I would have felt overwhelmed by the volume of things that needed to be done to set up a seamless automated system and would have ended up wasting my time on details that needed to be done but didn't have to be done by me.

Letitia is proactive, resourceful and thinks things through to find workable and timely solutions. This has meant that I’ve been able to give her problems that I’m unsure how to resolve or don’t have capacity to do and she is able to take care of them.  This has freed up my time and headspace to be able to focus on other aspects of the business.  She has repeatedly demonstrated a solid understanding of marketing concepts. This has meant she has been able to setup and implement email marketing campaigns, social media post creation and scheduling, creation of branding graphics, analytics reporting, web pages (blog content and page creation) and integration of all the different activities so they work seamlessly together.  This is a huge advantage given the increasing complexity of marketing and the variety of tools available. 

Jill Brennan Founder + Director, Harbren Marketing