Marketing strategist for B2B trainers and consultants

who are ready to raise their hands and say YES to what they want

Who are growing – or want to grow – and don’t want to be held back by random acts of untargeted marketing.

Who want waitlists, a steady stream of high value clients and a healthy bottom line.

Who are ready for the kind of brand recognition that an expert in their niche deserves.

Women like you.

Hello, I’m Letitia Deanne. B2B marketing strategist and consultant.

I create custom marketing strategies for B2B trainers and consultants and guide you through implementing them.

I help you attract, convert and delight your ideal audience and make sense of marketing with a rock-solid, sales-making, client-loving strategy.

There are a few things you should know about me other than... I’m a mum of three, a non-coffee drinker, partial to a Blue Hawaii cocktail and I struggle to never say no to Raffaello chocolate.

  • I’m wild about data, analytics and the details of your customers’ journey from impartial looker to loyal client
  • My background as a Marketing VA cements my belief in relying on strategy to generate results – because I’ve seen over and over again how marketing without a blueprint sets you up to fall
  • Cookie cutter marketing will never work (unless your business is actually a bickie)
Customers served! 1 Years experience
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Customers served! 1 Puppies cuddled

I think you’ll be over the moon – and back again – with the results I get you, but I also think you’ll love how well we align.

I understand the pressures, processes, decision making and messiness of working in – and with – small to large organisations.

I take the time to know who your ideal client is, figure out what content resonates, how to get it in front of them and how to move them from audience to A1 client.

I’m strategic and practical, accessible and intuitive. An organiser, big picture visionary and adept juggler who gets the need to be flexible when life gets messy. Kids, pandemics and global crises, have a taught us a lot, right?

One more thing... I’m unapologetic about helping you get laser clear on your marketing so you can focus on the right people in the right place with irresistible offerings that build a lonnnnnnng list of raving clients who shout your good work from the rooftops.

A generous dollop of strategy, a huge serve of success

Before working with Letitia, I was frustrated about what technology to use and how to maximise it for the best results. Letitia is spot on with suitable solutions that included the consideration of our budget. Letitia gives me confidence and I know I’ll be able to make an informed decision based on her advice. 

Brigitte Linder

Since engaging Letitia to look after my social media, my number of followers has increased (42%) and is still growing. All of the posts are informative, professional and accompanied by beautiful quality photos. One of the best decisions I have made! 

Tricia Linstrom

Speech Moves Speech Pathology

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