Marketing geek, animal lover, bookworm.

Hi, I’m Letitia!

For me, helping small business owners to succeed in marketing is personal. After all, I stood in your shoes not so long ago. 

When I was on maternity leave with my twin girls, 8 years ago, I wanted to somehow contribute to the household income. I decided there must be some businesses out there that needed admin support but didn’t want to employ salaried staff.  After a few google searches, I quickly learned about the Virtual Assistant industry and my VA business was born.

As I attempted to grow my business I found myself going around in circles, trying all the latest marketing strategies, but not being able to make anything stick. Over time, I was able to block out the noise and focus on building sustainable marketing foundations, centred around my ideal client. 

As marketing suddenly became more easeful for me, I realised that marketing support and implementation was where my heart lay. So, my business quickly evolved away from admin support to concentrate on helping my clients cut through the frustration to create simple and effective marketing systems. 

As a self-confessed marketing #nerd, I love using my data-centred, simple approach to marketing to help my clients thrive.

Some more Facts about Me...

  • I have 1 husband, 3 kids, 1 dog (subject to increase without notice) and 3 guinea pigs. Our house isn’t exactly quiet!
  • When I’m not geeking out over marketing metrics I can be found wrangling my 3 kids, taste-testing new vodka flavours and convincing my husband to get another foster dog.
  • Books, podcasts and colouring in are my favourite ways to chill out and unwind. 

Book some complimentary time in my diary so we can discuss how together we can make your marketing shine!


Finding anyone that can help with affordable marketing is a challenge, so I was excited when I found Letitia, who was recommended on Facebook.  I made an appointment to meet and straight away I could tell Letitia's passion was to help small businesses to grow and take the pressure off overwhelmed business owners, so they could focus on other aspects of their business.

I engaged Letitia to help with the marketing of Interior Plantscape Association (IPA) and since 2015 she has provided exceptional marketing support.  Over this time her business has evolved and in her own words, she is a 'self-confessed marketing #nerd!'  Letitia is approchable, professional and knowledgeable and has been an incredible assest to our non-profit association.  She handles the setting up and implementing of email marketing campaigns, analytics reporting, updating wep pages and always replies to any emails promptly.

Marketing can be a stressful journey so you need a reliable, passionate team player who can help with simple and effective marketing systems.  Letitia offers so much more and is always an absolute pleasure to work with.

Elaine Tunn CEO, Interior Plantscape Association